Long Lasting Scented Candles by Mango Creek

Our candle jars fill every corner of your home with a lovely smell and warm scent. Mango Creek Candles are perfect for living spaces, indoor and outdoor to give a pleasant experience. Our wick candles will improve your home fragrance and make it feel warm and inviting.

Our single wick candles offer a subtle charm in hosting a romantic dinner with pink candle. The 3 Wick Candles are perfect for giving a touch of luxury to a bedroom or living room decor with longer burn time. Our holiday candles can make your season feel more festive elevating the mood of a holiday gathering. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your home into a haven with Mango Creek scented candles.

The Art of Gifting with Candle Gift Box

Every candle gift box is a journey through scents and memories. Before choosing a gift, it's important to know if the person likes flowery scents or prefers earthy, woody ones. Mango Creek candle gift box is thoughtful of gifting on any occasion to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Personalize candle gift boxes with your three favorite scented candles from our best scented candles to capture every heart. Our gift boxes include vanilla candle, coffee candle, oud candle and more candle flavors to choose from. Share the candle gift of tranquility and joy with our Scented Candles Gift Set. Don't miss the opportunity to own this set – order now and experience the magic of our scented candles.

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