how to store candles

Do you adore candles just as much as we do at Mango Creek? Whether you're a frequent host or simply love creating a cozy atmosphere, having a collection of candles is a must. But to keep them in excellent condition, you need to learn how to store candles properly. Let's explore some tips and tricks to help you store your candles like a pro.


How to Properly Store Candles for Long-lasting Fragrance?

Safety should always be your top priority when it comes to storing candles. While it's true that candles are designed to melt, no one wants to deal with a waxy mess or waste their favorite scent. When storing your candles, it's essential to find a spot that is not only away from flammable items but also maintains a consistent temperature.


Avoid locations that are too hot or exposed to direct sunlight. Instead, opt for a cool and dark place. For example, if you reside in a region with warm temperatures year-round, your garage might not be the best choice. Consider using a linen closet or hallway cabinet, as these areas naturally remain cooler and are easily accessible when you're ready to light your candles.


If you can't find your Mango Creek storage box, it's a good practice to place your candles in a bag. This not only helps preserve the scent but also adds an extra layer of protection in case the candles shift and break.


No Time Limit on Candle Storage

Worried about your candle's shelf life? Fear not. If you store your candles correctly, there is no fixed time limit to how long you can keep them. So, whether it's the perfect scent for the season or a year-round favorite, your candles can stay fresh and fragrant.


Savvy Candle Storage Solutions

Storing your candles doesn't mean they have to be hidden away. Even if you're not lighting them daily, you can still showcase their beauty. If you have a guest room, place a candle on a shelf or bedside table. Got a bar cart? It's an ideal spot to set the mood and add a touch of decor with your Mango Creek candle.


For a more traditional approach, visit your favorite homeware store and grab an all-purpose storage bin. This way, you can keep all your spare candles in one organized location, ensuring they remain neat and tidy.


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With these tips, you can savor the fragrance and beauty of your Mango Creek candles for a long time to come. Happy candle storage!