How to Use a Candle Snuffer?

Candle enthusiasts, both novices and connoisseurs, have embraced candle snuffers as an essential element of their decor. At Mango Creek, we understand the significance of extinguishing your candle properly to ensure its longevity. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of using a candle snuffer, offering valuable tips to elevate your candle experience.


The Essence of Candle Snuffers

Candle snuffers are more than just a decorative addition; they are a practical tool that contributes to a sophisticated atmosphere. While they enhance the visual appeal of a room, their functionality goes beyond aesthetics.


Understanding Proper Candle Burn Times

The key to enjoying your candles to the fullest lies in the art of responsible candle burning. Although we'd all love to bask in the warm, soothing light of candles around the clock, it's essential to exercise caution. We recommend limiting the burn time to 4-6 hours at a stretch. Prolonged burning can lead to overheating, resulting in uneven burns, the formation of mushroom-like wicks, and the emission of excess smoke.


Why Choose a Candle Snuffer?

When it's time to bid adieu to the gentle flicker of your candle, the most elegant and effective way to do so is by using a candle snuffer. Candle snuffers provide several advantages over the traditional method of blowing out a candle. They prevent hot wax and soot from being scattered around, potentially adhering to the interior of your candle vessel. This delicate approach to extinguishing a flame ensures the protection of both the wick and the wax, preserving the quality of your candle.


Demystifying Candle Snuffer Operation

Candle snuffers come in various designs, typically resembling bell or cylinder shapes with handles. Placing the snuffer over the lit wick creates a barrier that obstructs the flow of air to the flame, causing it to gracefully extinguish. These versatile tools can be used with traditional candles, tapers, and pillars.


Guarding Against Wick Debris in Your Candle

We've all experienced it – hovering the snuffer over a cherished candle, only to discover tiny remnants of the wick floating into the wax. It's a common pitfall, but it can be easily avoided. To prevent this mishap, pay special attention to how you position the snuffer over your candle. Instead of submerging it into the wax, gently hover it over the wick for approximately 10 seconds, ensuring it doesn't make direct contact. This method safeguards your candle from wick debris.


Maintaining Your Candle Snuffer

The art of extinguishing a candle properly may take some practice. During the learning process, you may accidentally dip the snuffer into the wax. Don't worry; cleaning it is a straightforward process. Simply submerge the bell-shaped portion of your snuffer in boiling water. Carefully chip away any residual wax, and then wipe it dry with a clean towel.



By incorporating these practices into your candle care routine, you can prolong the life of your candles and ensure a clean and beautiful burn every time. Mango Creek is committed to enhancing your candle-burning experience with our premium candle collection and the knowledge to use the right tools properly.


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