3-Wick Candles

Welcome to Mangocreek's 3 Wick Candles collection! Double the fragrance, perfect for larger spaces.

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About our Scented 3-Wick Candles

3-Wick candles come in vibrant fragrances that linger in the streets of your area for a long time. However, what if you get the benefit of a decorative element along with the ambience the fragrance provides? For this purpose, Mango Creek provides an advantage to its customers by offering them something special which serves as an aesthetic centrepiece in the room. But, before we tell you this, let us move forward and tell you what we offer and find out what is special in Mango Creek’s 3-wick candles.

Our 3-wick candles offer a unique fusion of benefits. They are hand-poured, and crafted from premium soy, and essential oils, all obtained from natural sources. Not only do they provide a longer and cleaner burn, but they also bring forth diverse notes of excitement in fragrances. Thus, making our candles eco-friendly and safe for your health. Our soy candles come in exciting triple notes of fragrances. A few worthy of mention from our luxury 3-Wick Candles Collection are Smoked Vanilla, Stormy Night, Persephone's Kiss, Winter Forest, Wedding Garland, and more. We also recommend checking our Travel, Holiday, and Luxury Collections as well to discover more of Mango Creek’s unique fragrances.

Benefits of Our Scented 3-Wick Candle:

Our 3-wick candle brings you the following benefits:

  • Multiple wicks provide a larger melted wax pool that gives a more consistent and stronger fragrance throw. The scent from the candle can spread more effectively throughout the room to experience a stronger and more noticeable scent throughout the room.
  • The multiple wicks contribute to an even burn, preventing tunnelling and ensuring that all the wax is utilised. This helps extend the overall burn time of the candle. In this way, you can enjoy its fragrance for a longer period.
  • With three wicks, the candle produces a larger flame, providing brighter illumination. This creates a comforting and well-lit ambience, especially in larger rooms or during special occasions.
  • The combined heat from multiple wicks accelerates the melting process. Hence, the candle establishes its fragrance and ambience faster. This is particularly useful when you want to create a desired atmosphere quickly.
  • The multiple wicks promote an even and uniform burn. With three wicks, the candle can create a larger and even pool of melted wax. This prevents tunnelling (when only the centre of the candle melts). This ensures that all the wax is used, minimizing waste and maximizing the value of the candle.

Our 3-wick candles come in two distinct types of stylish containers. Simple round 3-wick candles, big containers for the ones who choose simplicity, and special boat-shaped containers for the people who prefer uniqueness in style along with pleasant fragrances. Both types of containers add a decorative element to the space. So, the 3-wicks in these stylish containers make them visually appealing and serve as an aesthetic decor piece. 

Is a 3-Wick Candle Ideal for Large Spaces?

Yes, it is! 3-wick candles are well-suited for larger rooms or open spaces. This is due to their ability to spread fragrance effectively. Moreover, they provide ample illumination.

How do 3-wick scented candles work?

Like any other candle, a 3-wick candle also works the same way. However, the 3-wick candle adds extra light and warmth to the atmosphere in the room.

Why does a candle have 3 wicks?

The main reason for a candle to have 3 wicks is heat distribution. As the 3 wicks are lit, the surface of the candle as a whole becomes warm, thus promoting even burning. Moreover, a 3-wick candle is a better light source than any two or one-wick candle.

Do scented 3-wick candles burn faster?

The burning time of candles depends upon the materials used in the manufacturing of candles. At Mango Creek, all of our candles are hand-made with Soy! The soy candles have the ability to last longer due to their slower burning period. Hence, we assure you that our candles stay with you longer than other candles.

Should I light all 3 wicks?

Lighting all the wicks will provide even burning. Lighting one or two wicks can cause tunnelling. But, still, it is your choice to light all wicks or not. We recommend lighting all the 3 wicks.

Do 3-wick candles go out on their own?

Not at all! No candles go out on their own unless the wax has ended. Leaving the burning candle unattended can cause any mishap. So, never think of leaving a burning candle unattended for a long time or when you’re going out.