Travel Candles

Take your luxury lifestyle on the go with our travel candles. Whether you're at home, in the office, or exploring the world, enjoy unique scents that bring love and inspiration to every moment.

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About Our Luxury Travel Candles Collection:

While travelling, it is common for one to feel homesick because of visiting unfamiliar places frequently. Travel candles come to give you a warm hug at such moments. They make you feel at home. The scent you are used to having at home, you can take it anywhere with you. That's how our luxury travel candles add value to your journey.

Our travel collection offers a combination of lovable scents that suit every mood and will comfort you throughout your journey. You will find cheap travel candles of high quality at Mango Creek. Our candles are hand-poured, and crafted with premium quality soy. The essential oils derived from organic/natural sources make our candles safe and eco-friendly. Hence, they provide a clean burn. Moreover, they provide a longer burn time and spread the magical fragrance of multiple notes as they gradually melt. All the candles from Mango Creek, including the travel candles, come in triple notes of fragrance. Our travel collection includes Persian Violet, Roman Holiday, and Groovy Tropics with "The Road Silk" as a special scent loved by many. We recommend you check our Holiday, premium soy candles, and harmony collections as well to discover more of Mango Creek's magical fragrances.

What Benefits do Our luxury Travel Candles offer?

Our luxury travel candles bring you the following benefits:

  • Whether staying in a hotel, Airbnb, or a friend's house, travel candles allow you to bring your favourite scents with you. This personal touch will make the surroundings more enjoyable and contribute to a positive travel experience.
  • Travel candles provide a portable source of ambience. This allows individuals to create a cosy and familiar atmosphere wherever they go. The warm glow and comforting scent help transform unfamiliar spaces into more inviting and personalized environments.
  • Since our travel candles are infused with essential oils or fragrances, they offer you a compact way to enjoy aromatherapy benefits. The soothing scents help lessen stress, improve mood, or create a sense of relaxation. Hence, these candles are ideal for use during travel or in new surroundings.
  • Travel candles are particularly useful for enhancing the ambience of hotel rooms. The familiar scent and warm glow of our travel candle will make a temporary space feel more like home. Hence, providing a comforting and calming environment during travel.
  • Designed for portability, our luxury travel candles are smaller and lighter than regular candles. Their compact size makes them easy to pack in luggage, carry in a purse, or store in a travel bag without taking up much space. However, our travel candles contain 6 oz. of wax in a little beautiful container.
  • Additionally, these travel candles can be useful for emergencies or power outages during travel. Their compact size makes them easy to store in an emergency kit. So, taking the travel candle with you will provide a reliable light source and a comforting fragrance when needed.
  • When travelling, especially in confined spaces like tents or RVs, regular candles may not be practical. Travel candles are designed to fit into limited spaces. Here, the travel candle provides the benefits of candlelight and fragrance without taking up too much room.
  • Travel candles are often purchased as souvenirs or gifts during trips. Their compact size and thematic scents make them a thoughtful and easily transportable token of a memorable experience.

Travel Candles in Tins

Make your moments extra special with our travel candles in tins. They come in handy tins, beautifully designed for a mess-free and easy experience. Whether you're on the move or setting a cozy vibe at home, our elegantly encased candles add a touch of sophistication to every occasion.

What are travel candles?

Travel candles are versatile, compact, and designed for convenience. They offer individuals the ability to carry the comfort of home with them wherever their journey takes them. This makes them a popular choice for individuals on the go. 

How long can a soy travel candle burn?

The burn time of a travel candle depends on several factors, including the size of the candle, the type of wax used, and the specific fragrance or additives. On average, a travel candle can burn for approximately 15 to 30 hours. However, it also depends on how long you keep the candle burning consistently. Since our travel candles are made from premium quality soy, we assure you a longer burn time.

Are travel candles safe in glass jars or should you buy a travel tin candle?

It depends on the type of glass. The glass used in candle jars is heat-resistant and subjected to high pressure, just like ours at Mango Creek. Therefore, it is usually fine to travel with a glass jar too. But again, it depends on each person’s individual preference.