Our Story

“Mangoes need to have two qualities: they need to be sweet and there needs to be plenty.”

~ Mirza Ghalib, 19th century Urdu poet

Our Beginning

We have traveled far and wide, collecting recipes and fragrances from all over the world. Umar is a creative baker, Hina a passionate cook, so when we discovered we could not use many commercial health and beauty products, it seemed natural to take the next step and create our own handcrafted alternatives for our family.

As we started developing our own recipes, we fell in love with making products from the best of nature and sharing them with others. Out of this passion, Mango Creek was born.

Our Inspiration

In our travels, we encountered no better symbol of the rich possibilities of nature than the mango. Indigenous to South Asia, the mango is now grown in warm climates all over the world. Each fruit ripens over several months, but the result is well worth the patience it requires. The sweet, flavorful fruit is packed with vitamins that strengthen and invigorate. It is our inspiration as we design natural, organic products that are both pleasing and beneficial for you.

Our Process

We source the finest organic ingredients and create our products in small batches to ensure the highest quality. We continue to test each and every product multiple times until we are satisfied with the end results.

We are proud to provide our customers with affordable, high quality products made from the best natural ingredients. Each product is made with a great deal of patience and care, and we hope the result is both sweet and satisfying.

We continually keep improving our recipes - not only from our testing, but from valuable feedback from you!

Thank you for giving Mango Creek a chance to become a part of your daily routine.

Hina and Umar